I have been an art enthusiast for as long as I can remember.  After many canvas (fine art paintings) I found that I was limited by the space I had to work with.  One of the earliest murals I attempted was inside a small closet in my room (age 8 I think –I just wanted to give it a try, if I wasn’t happy with it at least no one would see.) that was a great way to get going, I loved it!  My parents didn’t discover the work until I went away to college. Amazingly to me, it’s still there. My second attempt was far more courageous because people could see and criticize, I painted the back of my parents garage/pool shed at the age of 15…After a positive responsive I gained courage & strength, this began a true love of painting large areas, learning new techniques and I knew at this time to become a full time artist was my calling and my dream. I attended California State University Long Beach emphasizing in set design. After many different artistic classes I graduated with an associated arts degree in 1990. During that year I worked along side many talented artists at a mural company in South Pasadena called Bowman and Associates. With this job I learned many helpful techniques and painting tricks. We painted with oil-based paints, which I learned, as beautiful as the results can become there are health risks. I had the chance to further my research by traveling throughout Europe for a year and explore the old masters works.  When I returned a new job opportunity arose with an Orange County based mural company. My next endeavor was to work part time painting murals on my own while working as a paste-up /lay out artist at a printing company. After painting a popular baby store I realized I could work at mural painting explicitly.  I now work in water based acrylic, non-toxic eco friendly paints.  Research was conducted when painting for both Choc Hospital and Talbert medical centers. After nearly 9 years painting for company’s and practicing part time mural jobs I have kept myself very busy over the last 10 years painting fulltime all over orange county. My goal is to bring the personal style of the homeowner or business together.  This is done by connecting with my client’s thoughts and needs.  It is important to me to accomplish each job with precision, speed and beauty.  I get the greatest enjoyment creating art that fits the individuals theme and makes a space come alive.  Regularly having a different subject matter to work on keeps me constantly on the lookout for improvements in my work and creating new tricks and ideas for improving speed, accuracy overall beauty and most importantly Client Satisfaction. I look forward to discussing your Mural and Design ideas with you. Everyday of mural painting is a great day! You Deserve a Beautiful Room! “I look forward to discussing your mural and design ideas” – Amy Fisher